Smudge Proof Eyes and Bat-Worthy Lashes

Hi Lovely's!
What girl doesn't love playing up her eyes, right?! Well, it sure is no fun when your flawless face you beautified turns into a hot mess hours later. I cannot stress enough the importance of an eye primer. This was truly one of the most genius products ever made because I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT it. No matter if you are oily or dry, an eye primer should be a must in your daily makeup routine. Without it, your liner, shadows and mascara can end up looking like a smudged up mess.
Eye primers are designed to make your eye makeup stay put all day long.
Here is my step-by-step routine.
1. After cleansing my face, I apply my facial moisturizer to my entire face.
2. I then apply my eye serum to my lids and under eye area. 
3. I allow my face to soak up all this goodness while I go blow dry my hair.
4. I then reach for my foundation to apply to my entire lid and under eye.
5. I then apply my primer to my entire lid.
6. Apply any shadow, liner and mascara.
7. Finish by cleaning your under eye area with a Q-tip, apply concealer, and set it with powder.
BOOM you have perfection :)
Three of my favorite eye primers at the moment are listed below.
1. MAC Paint Pots
Definitely one of my favs. These little pots come in 16 glorious shades. The texture is silky smooth when applied to the eyelid keeping your shadow and liner in place all day. And boy does it! No streaks, bleeding or creasing. Definitely a winner in my book and has been a staple in my kit for a few years now. What's great about this product is that it doesn't need replacing more than once a year because a little goes a long way. Another plus is that this product can be used alone or with eyeshadow.
Buy at any MAC Cosmetics counter in Macy's or large department store.
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion
The skies have lifted and you are transported to heaven. This is definitely a top seller if you have an oily lid. Creasing and fading no more ladies. Shadow is magnetized with this primer and stays in place all day. Eyeshadow looks brighter and bolder with this primer so less needs to be applied.
Take full advantage and test this product out at Ulta before you buy.
3. Milani Eyeshadow Primer
A top drugstore primer that can keep up with the best of them. This primer dries invisibly smooth and beautifies any shadow, making it last all day. Quite the bargain. You can't go wrong here.
Found at Meijer.

What's a girl to do if genetics didn't bless her with celebrity lashes and no time to apply a false set of lashes everyday?!  Deep breaths ladies. I have a few mascaras I live by and I hope will work for you too.
1. MAC Zoomlash
I continue to buy this amazing tube over and over again because it is the bomb diggity!
 It is my must have mascara to achieve false looking lashes without the hassle. It lengthens and thickens to give you that WOW factor. It has amazing staying power lasting all day. I cannot tell you the amount of compliments I have received over the years (before using Latisse or Careprost) on my lashes, and this is the product I have to thank for.
I only apply this only to my top lashes. It applies a bit wet and has the tendency to bleed when applied to my lower lash line no matter how great I prep my under eyes.
I will never be able to let this little friend go.
 Find this product at any MAC Cosmetics counter or maccosmetics.com
2. Benefit Bad Gal Lash
Size does matter! This wand and brush are as BIG and BAD as they come, giving you a blast of lashes in 1 to 2 swipes. Start at the base of your lash and work your way up. I like to layer this mascara on top of my MAC Zoomlash for the ultimate bat-worthy lash that will stop most anyone in their tracks.
Test this mascara at Ulta before buying.
3. Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies
One of my favorite drugstore mascaras on the market. I have learned when it comes to mascara that drugstore brands can pack quite a punch. This mascara has a fabulous curved wand that gives you a great va va voom daytime look without getting too crazy.
Available at any drugstore.
4. MAC Opulash
Known for its HARDCORE brush, giving the most amazing voluminous lengthening lashes a girl can ever ask for. This brush is incredibly large, reminding me of the DiorShow brush. It is my staple for my lower lash line creating long feathery lashes. It goes on smooth separating every lash, never clumping or bleeding, lasting all day long. It does have a drier consistency so you must apply quickly to get the look you want to achieve. For a date night with the hubs or night on the town with my girlies, I apply this over my MAC Zoomlash to my top lashes for a WOWZA look.


I hope you all gained some product knowledge after this post :) I can't swear enough about using eye primers and face primers. They truly are worth the buy and help your makeup stay put all day.
 Let me know any requests, questions, or comments in the comment section or email me at profoundlyash@gmail.com




  1. Thanks Grace!! I will try a primer,, probably have one in my drawer,,, and I have been using the Falsies for years... love it:)

  2. Advice from an older woman,,, me,,, don't forget to moisturize (with an SPF) your neck and chest... so you don't get crepey skin!!!

  3. Great tips! very helpful and informative!