Hi Dolls! :)
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Did anyone do anything fun?!
I spent the weekend with my hubby and some amazing family and friends skiing and tubing in Pure Michigan! Great fun was had and memories were made.
Feeling very blessed to start the week off!
I wanted to share with you all a new beauty find that I now cannot live without.
I don't know what is up with my acne lately, but it's pretty much out of control! I get rid of one blemish and I wake up with a handful more. And, they are all in the same spot. It's so weird, I cannot figure it out.
There is no winning going on here :( It's really annoying to say the least!
During our annual ski weekend, we shove 10 of us in a 2 bath, 2 bedroom condo. It makes for great stories and belly laughs. So, as all the girls congregate in the bathroom to wash their face at night, my girlies were using SAY YES to Tomatoes Roller Ball Spot Treatment. I was like, what is this beautiful little thing that I am missing out on? Leave it to my cousin for finding this lovely little gem that we are now all obsessed with!

This little gem is an acne spot treatment in the form of a roller ball. Which is a plus, allowing you not to resort to your hands, which are full of dirt and bacteria.
There is all kinds of goodness in this little roller. Salicylic acid and tea tree oil work to zap zits on contact. Tomatoes contain Lycopene, an antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables with anti-inflammatory properties.
This formula also contains a blend of Ginger Root and Bisabolol, which are clinically proven to reduce redness around the blemish.
This spot treatment used nightly, literally started drying out and clearing up my chin full of zits in just 48 hours. This formula is gentle and non-irritating, easy to use and affordable.
I cannot wait to try more of the tomatoes acne line from SAY YES! 
Does anyone have a favorite product from SAY YES?

The SAY YES skincare line of products specializes in anti-aging, acne treatment, sensitive skin, correcting and repairing, and nourishing products. The SAY YES line also sells products for your baby, hair, body, lips, ect.
I must say I am definitely a fan of the facial wipes of the grapefruit line.
This line of products is easily affordable and found at any Meijer, Target, Walmart, Ulta, ect.

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Happy Monday Dolls!
One day down, 4 to go!
I want to thank you all for your support and following since I began my journey with my blog Profoundly Ash.
It has been nothing but FUN!
I truly love writing to you all and I plan to continue to share my love of fearless fashion and beauty tips with you all for the 2014 year.
For just a bit of thanks for sticking with Profoundly Ash and continuing to read and follow, I am giving away a leopard infinity scarf and a fabulous statement ring.
 Leopard is definately making a statement this winter. I have to say, I AM LOVING IT!
If you are the lucky winner, I recommend pairing this ahhhhhmazing leopard scarf and statement ring with a red bomber jacket (or black bomber will do) and a great pair of destroyed denim with your favorite ankle bootie of the season. 
Don't forget your fearless red or burgundy lip ladies!
If you are my fearless fashionista like my girl Ginny Blues, pair this scarf and statement ring with a hot pink magenta top, black pleather skinnys, leopard pumps, gold arm candy, and MAC Up the Amp purple lipstick. 
Don't forget your favorite pair of shades! :)
Some of you may be curious to whom Ginny Blues is. Well, she is my little fearless fashionista known as MY VERY OWN online boutique that will be opening March of 2014.
She will be full of fun and fearless fashion for all you ladies looking to find some great pieces to rock this spring and summer!
Stay tuned on the blog for her giveaway in the next few weeks to come!
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GOLD Arm Candy

Hi Dolls!
Saying I am excited with anticipation for what 2014 has to bring, would be an understatement! I am thrilled for what is to come for my blog Profoundly Ash, and Ginny Blues women's online boutique, to open spring 2014.
I am not only passionate about skincare and beauty; I love and adore fashion and personal style.
Tonight I want to share with you my obsession with GOLD.

What girl doesn’t love accessories right? They can make or break an outfit.

When it comes to buying gold accessories, you don’t have to go expensive. Forever21, H & M, Charming Charlie's, Express, Windsor, and Target are just a few stores that offer very affordable, trendy pieces for every girls budget.
What I am obsessing over right now is gold “arm candy.” Some of you may ask what the heck am I speaking off?!

It’s very simple! Ever wear attractive accessories on your arm that give your look an extra pop and change the look of your entire outfit?
Well ladies, you are wearing Arm Candy!

I like arm candy because it can really show ones style and character. It is a great way to amp up your style from appealing to eye-catching.
I picked out a couple of my favorite gold pieces that can make some great arm candy together or alone. I chose these gold pieces below because you can mix and match them with one another depending on your mood, outfit or occasion.
Even better, they are completely affordable!
Click below for price and purchase.


1. Forever21
2. Forever21
3. Charming Charlie
4. Forever21
5. Charming Charlie
6. Forever21
7. Forever21
8. Forever21
9. Charming Charlie
10. Forever21
11. Forever21

Do you gals have a favorite accessory that your outfit cannot live without lately?

Please share

Have yourselves a fabulous week!