GLOW for the Holidays

Hi Dolls!
Hope everyone is having a great week!
I am so thrilled for you all to check out the "new look" to the blog! I happen to love it :)

I don't know about you, but I am getting so excited for the holidays! Trying to hold back from decorating for Christmas. There are so many great things I love about the holidays. Do you have a favorite memory?

I am so thankful and grateful for this life God has blessed my Eddie and I with.
With the holidays comes great food and cocktails, getting together with the family and laughing out loud until our stomachs hurt, decorating, shopping for loved ones, dressing up, pumpkin spice and peppermint lattes, holiday parties, trying new makeup looks to go with glam fashion for special occasion parties!
And so much more!
Ever kick up your makeup for the holidays? Why not! It is a great time to "get out of the box!"
Believe it or not, your makeup routine may be missing that special finishing touch that will create a BIG DIFFERENCE!
Ever hear of it? It is one of the smartest products around and can be very inexpensive. To find out what it can do for you and how you can use it to look fabulous, keep reading :)
I call the luminizer the hidden gem in the makeup world. Who doesn't love dewy, fresh skin like J-Lo's?! Well ladies, she uses a luminizer!

Below is E.L.F. "warm bronzer" sold at Meijer and Target for $3. A total steal and a good pick up if you want to try out a luminizer.
I definitely use this as a luminizer and not as an all-over bronzer because you would look like a disco ball.

Luminizer is a shimmery mineralized product applied to the skin. Luminizers diffuse light to make skin look dewy, soft, and youthful. It is used to highlight certain areas of the face and body. For example, run it along your cheekbones as a highlighter or down the center of your nose to give it a slimmer effect. 

Below are three of my favorite luminators. From left to right MAC Porcelain Pink (limited edition), MAC Lightscapade, and MAC Gold Deposit.

I use whichever one depending on my mood :)

Luminizer is applied after you have applied your foundation and concealer and set with powder. Why set your face with powder after your liquid foundation and concealer? So it lasts longer and doesn't run in the middle of the day :)

To highlight, sweep a small amount of luminizer along the tops of your cheekbones before you put on your blush or bronzer. It can also be used to highlight the inner corners of the eye or the area right under your eyebrows.
 Create a stripe down the center of your nose to give it more symmetry. Experiment to see what works well for you.

Hoping your liking the new look of the blog as much as I am!

Do you have a favorite luminizer you cannot live without?

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!
 Cannot wait to share with you all a BIG announcement soon that I am so excited over as well as a FABULOUS beauty GIVEAWAY coming very soon!




  1. i love elf cosmetics! such a great price and their products work great :)

    xo brie

  2. I love that color pallet! Will have to try ELF!
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com