Nailed It

Hi Dolls!
Oh, it has been too long. Three weeks too long. I do apologize! I have definitely missed blogging to you all these past few weeks. Life has been a little chaotic. Pray you never get a kidney stone. They are truly miserable in more ways than you can count.
Is everyone ready for FALL? I sure am :) But that doesn't mean you can neglect your pretty fingers and toes.
Who doesn't love getting pampered with a great mani or pedi?! It is relaxing and you walk out of the salon looking like a million bucks. But who has the time or even the money to get your fingernails and toes painted every 2 weeks.
Not everyone....
Anyone dread painting their own nails? I just don't have the time or patience to allow them to dry completely. So what ends up happening....I will think they are dry, then I go do something around the house and I am wrong every time. I should have waited another 5 or 10 minutes for them to dry. Back to square one.
Well ladies, stress no more. Thanks to a couple special people in my life, I was recently introduced to a product I call " A Girls Best Friend."
A total steal right!
It is so simple. Paint your fingernails and toes. Apply 1-2 express dry drops on each nail after painting. Super easy. Your nails and cuticles will also get enriched with Vitamin E and almond oil at the same time. Your nails will be dry in 60 seconds or less. I PROMISE! You truly cannot beat this. An amazing product and its $2.99

I hope you all enjoy this product. A quick trip to Ulta is where its at.
I hope you all have an amazing week. Thanks for reading :)
<3 Ash
FYI-I blog about only things that I have tried and tested myself. I do not get paid to do this. I do this because I love it :)


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