COLOR Me Pretty

Hi Dolls :)

Thinking about changing up your strands for Fall 2013? It’s just hair. What do you have to lose?!

Take the plunge with me and keep on reading :)

Dimension is key for this seasons color trends. It’s about enhancing your natural tones by kicking it up a couple notches.
My beachy buttery blondes be sure to ask for blended sunny highlights with deep golden low-lights. Jen, Cameron, Blake, Kate and Rachel are all beautiful examples. Long, medium or short you can
still be a blonde bombshell with lovely golden hues. 

For hair like honey, ask for a shadowing affect at your root which will make you a deeper blonde. It is super seductive and sultry with a deeper root cascading to a honey golden blonde. Just take a look at these babes below.
Flawless and fabulous!

Strawberry Goldilocks be sure and go for a richer golden red hue this season. It will give you a seductive and sultry look.
 I am so jelly of red heads. How can you not drool over Emma, Amy and Isla's gorgeous red locks, right?!
Red to me just rings sexy! It makes me want to take the plunge from blonde to red this season :)

Golden sunny brown gals be sure and aim for subtle honey and caramel laced highlights.
From Maria and JLO to Jessica and Kate, these girls are style icons.
They are always changing up their brunette locks and always keeping it fresh.
If your locks are chocolate brown, go for fine streaks of gold and copper enhanced highlights with face framing layers. Or kick it up a notch and ask for these golden tones towards the ends for an ombre look to give a fresh twist on your brunette bombshell locks.
 I myself can not stop admiring the gorgeous gold tones in Minka and Khloe's hair.
 If you have gorgeous long cascading locks, you must try the ombre look this Fall.
My rich deep browns, go daring for a deep dark all-over hue.
If you are one with that fabulous olive skin tone that everyone wishes they had, you must kick it up a notch and go DARK!
The Kardashian sisters are great examples of this gorgeous hue.
All of these looks I have mentioned add warmth and richness for a flawless head of locks.
Still unsure what is the right look for you? Take a picture of yourself and email me at profoundlyash@gmail.com
Or go have a consultation with an experienced stylist that's recommended in your area.
I love that color alone can give hair an amazing dramatic change.
So do blondes or brunettes have more fun?!
Take the plunge this season and do something fun and different!
Life is just too darn short :)
Have yourselves a great rest of your week.



  1. GRACE.... love all the colors...but for us MATURE women,,, who are used to Height in the hair,,, why are all styles so FLAT in the crown.............

  2. Is ratting the hair out.... should we just part and go....

    1. Good Questions. Ladies with long layered thick hair get volume in their long layers with beautiful waves and curls. Sometimes their hair is too thick or heavy at the crown to achieve volume. If you have medium to short hair I recommend achieving volume while blow drying with a round brush. Also, dry shampoo is my new best friend for not only helping in-between my shampoos, but creating volume. I do admit though from time to time I still give my hair a fine tease at the crown with my fine tooth comb. Hope this helps :)

  3. I just got a new look and I love it. Now the only Challenge is trying it on myself