GOLD Arm Candy

Hi Dolls!
Saying I am excited with anticipation for what 2014 has to bring, would be an understatement! I am thrilled for what is to come for my blog Profoundly Ash, and Ginny Blues women's online boutique, to open spring 2014.
I am not only passionate about skincare and beauty; I love and adore fashion and personal style.
Tonight I want to share with you my obsession with GOLD.

What girl doesn’t love accessories right? They can make or break an outfit.

When it comes to buying gold accessories, you don’t have to go expensive. Forever21, H & M, Charming Charlie's, Express, Windsor, and Target are just a few stores that offer very affordable, trendy pieces for every girls budget.
What I am obsessing over right now is gold “arm candy.” Some of you may ask what the heck am I speaking off?!

It’s very simple! Ever wear attractive accessories on your arm that give your look an extra pop and change the look of your entire outfit?
Well ladies, you are wearing Arm Candy!

I like arm candy because it can really show ones style and character. It is a great way to amp up your style from appealing to eye-catching.
I picked out a couple of my favorite gold pieces that can make some great arm candy together or alone. I chose these gold pieces below because you can mix and match them with one another depending on your mood, outfit or occasion.
Even better, they are completely affordable!
Click below for price and purchase.


1. Forever21
2. Forever21
3. Charming Charlie
4. Forever21
5. Charming Charlie
6. Forever21
7. Forever21
8. Forever21
9. Charming Charlie
10. Forever21
11. Forever21

Do you gals have a favorite accessory that your outfit cannot live without lately?

Please share

Have yourselves a fabulous week!



  1. I think that a lady with her nails done,,, glue on nails are inexpensive, easy and beautiful, (if you can't get a manicure),, and a statement ring on your right hand, (left also if not married!) Pretty hands make you look young(er)!!!!

  2. How do you feel about mixing different golds,,, white, rose or yellow??

  3. I am all for mixing different golds and think it looks fabulous! BIG FAN of rose gold right now!
    Agree with you as well that how a woman takes care of her hands and nails does say something about her! ;)

    Thx for commenting!

  4. AMAZING golden stuff dear :) and Im happy to follow ya.

    Check out my blog today...Best ways how to Glam-hack Ikea furniture:)'

    Have a fab weekend

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion

    1. Thanks for reading Maria! Love your blog :)