Hi Dolls!
Happy Holidays to you ALL!
Hope you all have been staying warm this winter! I apologize for my absence in writing on the blog. It’s been a busy couple months! NO EXCUSE THOUGH, because I truly love writing. Just wish there was more time in the day. I keep telling myself, maybe I should be getting up early and writing- but I am so not a morning person!
I am very thankful this holiday season. My hubby and I got to celebrate our 1st anniversary in the Dominican Republic together for a week, which was fabulous with some much needed R and R. Back to reality with work and the chaos of finishing holiday shopping and gift wrapping. Though I LOVE nothing more than giving a great gift to someone you love and care so much about! And did I mention, we got to come back to almost a foot of snow. The winter has not been so nice to Michiganders this year.
I wanted to share some special news with you all!
After countless months of research, lots of praying, sweat and tears I am proud to announce the opening of MY online store, Ginny Blues to open this 
March 2014.
The focus of my store will be trendy pieces of female clothing and accessories at very affordable prices.
Yes, I am a Registered Nurse by day, but my passion and OBSESSION lies within fashion, with an appreciation for fabulous and affordable style.
Don’t worry; I am not quitting my day job.
 I have a website in the process of design dedicated to Ginny Blues. I plan to put together fashionable pieces for you (from Ginny Blues merchandise) and post them on the blog.
Often I get from women that the hardest thing is pairing things together to make an outfit. Take for example a great top;  what bottom, shoe, and or accessory do you then pair with it?
That’s where I come in and that’s what I love doing! I love helping you make a great top LOOK FABULOUS with that killer pair of heels, or stunning piece of jewelry.
I am blessed to have the help and business expertise of my oh-so stylish cousin Elyse in all of this.
She will be my sidekick in helping me find fabulous pieces to offer you all.
In 5 short weeks we will be shopping the Chicago StyleMax to bring you the latest, most fabulous trends for the spring at VERY affordable prices.
 If any of you know me, I am a bargain shopper through and through and that’s what I intend to do for all of you.
Off that exciting note, I am here to share a fabulous holiday look with you all tonight.
Leopard print is in full swing this holiday season and I am totally obsessed.
Pictured below is a fabulous holiday outfit to wear to any Christmas party; whether it be work, family, or friends gathering.
These pieces below are not only fabulous put together like so, but can be used for other occasions. Pair this gorgeous leopard top with a great pair of skinny jeans and tall black boots. Have a winter wedding to attend? Pair this beautiful black skirt with an oxblood red scoop-neck shirt.
Top- here
Heels- here
Skirt- here
Bracelet- here
Necklace- here
Lipstick- here
Thank you ALL for supporting Profoundly Ash this year! I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings!
Hope you all enjoy this week with the ones you love. May God bless you all with a new year full of health, wealth, love, and happiness.


  1. Thanks for the update AshleyGrace,,,, just a recommendation for us MATURE readers, when it comes to style could you find pieces that are user friendly to us!! Especially shoes without 4-5 in. heels, and clothes that flatter!! Thanks!!